Teresa Williams

When Teresa Williams was but a girl, she imagined a future filled with hope and promise, but then her life took an unexpected turn and she was forced to put her dreams on hold.  Her story is not unique as it tells the story of women all over the world. Throughout her struggle she never lost sight of the desire to pursue education. In 2004, she began the 6-year commitment to obtain an Associates Degree as a non-traditional student.  Teresa achieved that goal, with honors from CLC, in 2010. She is now pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with minor in Non-Profit Management at the University Center in Grayslake, IL through satellite classes offered by North Park University. She would like to encourage all those seeking to improve their lives to hold on to your dreams, no matter what comes your way.  Someone, like the angels at the Lake County Women's Coalition, will find their way into your life. She wants to thank all the organizations that make up the Lake County Women's Coalition for the blessings they   provide. This monetary award allows her to move forward, reaching for the hope and promise she lost as a girl.


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